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WHAT COAT AM I WEARING? With or without defects?

The cold weather is coming and the coat becomes the true protagonist of classic elegance. But what defects must never have a coat?

Let’s see them together

When the coat is laced the jacket must never be seen; if you see it as in the picture we are faced with a coat with a flaw. The coat must cover 1.5-2 cm of the jacket, with or without hands in the pocket.


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The coat should never be tight. In the photo below the buttons should be placed near the buttonhole, thus respecting the fold and the natural width. Fastening the coat in the photo you find yourself in a straitjacket



When the coat does not cover the jacket totally and when the buttoning is too tight, it opens on the lapels and this is not beautiful and technically correct. The perfect coat is when the coat itself always stays put, and closed, in its place despite the normal movements of the body.

Here an example:


Finally, the coat should never move away from the collar and even less from the jacket. Also in this case must always cover the jacket on the neck.




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