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L’Uomo Elegante is a book written by an Italian gentleman, also known as Tommaso di Benedetto, a friend of Passaggio Cravatte and Gianni.



The text is perfectly consistent with the author. A perfect symbiosis, I dare say!
The reason? Mr. Di Benedetto is elegance; and he lives for elegance in a natural way.
His elegance is often secret, very personal, far from the spotlight; but extremely learned. A true passion for him!



And his book is a true practical, down-to-earth handbook; a sort of binary that will never derail you no matter where, at whatever time or event you find yourself!

And even though it’s written in Italian, don’t worry because it contains a series of drawings and images that, by looking at them carefully, can help you understand what classic elegance is, from which you can perhaps take inspiration to improve your own.


So why do I recommend that you buy it?

1) It reveals you tricks of classic elegance

2) It contains beautiful images from which you can take inspiration to improve your elegance

3) It is a beautiful object in an important format to keep in your library forever.

Where to buy it?
The fastest way to buy it is on Amazon, here is the link:




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