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Handmade Vintage Tie


Harmony. It is on this word that much of men’s classic elegance is founded.

Let’s start with the origins. The word harmony comes from the Greek and means union, tune, proportion. So in classical elegance harmony is the ability to combine, to unite several elements without one prevailing in a violent way on the others. Consequently we speak of chromatic harmony when a good perceptual and visual balance is achieved on a scale of several different colors and fabrics.

Forgetting or not putting harmony into practice in the field of elegance often leads to mistakes that are more noticed by others than by ourselves. I speak from personal experience. In my wardrobe I have garments made more than 10 years ago that today I don’t dare wear even under torture. But you know, elegance is a journey; and the best thing is to learn from your mistakes, which allow you to understand the boundaries within which you can range or arrive, while maintaining your own idea and thus going to forge, as a result of unconscious, your own identity noticed pleasantly by those around you that will lead you to a noble goal: your harmony. A harmony that is only yours and is not the result of sudden copying!

Below you will find harmonious proposals between our vintage clothing fabrics and our vintage ties. All this does not come about at random; it is simply the result of years of continuous experimentation in the world of classic elegance.



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