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Handmade Vintage Tie


Take a look at the great elegant people, from the Duke of Windsor to Gianni Agnelli: none of them ever wore anything extremely shiny! Nor would you have imagined seeing Winston Churchill in a men’s wedding suit of the extra shiny kind, with perhaps glitter.

Reason? Elegant and aesthetic culture, among its codes handed down through the centuries, never includes shiny, except for shoes; and again without exaggeration; the reason? Trivially anything that is too shiny is not elegant and refined; and if worn suddenly it lowers social status.

As I am writing this I am thinking of law firms, international chancelleries, men of finance or successful entrepreneurs: again no polish in sight!

Of course, wearing something more or less opaque is not only about formal wear, but also about casual and informal wear! Here I am reminded of the sailing outings of Kennedy or Aristotle Onassis himself. Zero polish for an outfit in itself very simple, almost minimalist and anonymous.

And I am convinced that the world remembers them yes for their power or popularity but also for their timeless aesthetics, still an example for many in all parts of the world.

The only exceptions, more or less polished? Lapels and the tuxedo cummerbund!

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