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Handmade Vintage Tie



Mistakes never to make:

❌Too bright colors ❌Suit fabric best matched only with suit fabrics

Well yes, I must confess that I made some mistakes when I was a younger about the colors I wore. Sometimes I looked like a rainbow without realizing it. However, woe if I hadn’t made them; I experienced on my own skin that being overly colored like peacocks is not good; unless you are a peacock!

The mistakes I will never make again in my life is mixing too many patterns with too many colors.

Match bright colors but in harmony

With the very first white hair I realized that wearing more than three colors, maybe even strong and bold, becomes almost dangerous; elegance is balance and harmony without excess

Elegant but distinctive

So besides the few colors, I would also say no exaggeration in terms of different textures. So is the split: let it be bold but beware of doing inelegant splits such as pinstripe jacket and plain pants; the reason? It would be inelegant!

The same can be applied to little spezzati; avoid the confetti effect!

And always remember: the stronger the color you wear, the more informal and sporty it is!

Elegant but with unusual tie that makes a difference!

Rather the refined and elegant eccentricity passes between socks, ties and pocket-squares….

…in fact here are a few examples chosen by Gianni that allows elegance and pleasant vintage diversity at the same time!

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