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Telephone at the table? No thanks!


True, the phone is an extension of the hand. Indeed, it has even become a critical component to the table; In fact, when he prepares trouble if they are along with forks, knives and glasses do not put a beautiful phone. But a gentleman be a slave to his phone also at the table? For us the answer is no.
It has happened to us in several restaurants, some high-end and some less so, and witness the sadness of loneliness; All, or almost all, were so careful to read their notifications or message that the people they were at the restaurant with were basically alone. The result? Or they also begin to look at their smartphone or they spend the evening in perfect solitude.
You go to the restaurant to share a pleasant moment with your partner, friends or loved ones. Dedicating full attention to your portable telephone device instead of its guests is rude to the limits of selfishness. Unfortunately, this exaggerated use of the phone at the table is sometimes a normal gesture. Indeed, it seems abnormal to carry the phone in your pocket when you are in public.
Passaggio Cravatte therefore advises that you turn off the phone when you enter the restaurant; only in special cases, and for strict necessity, should you not abide by this advice. Unless the lunch is a business meeting, the phone should be prohibited even for incoming calls and outgoing calls.
Only then can we rediscover the beauty of being at table with the person of the heart, or the one who wanted to meet you because he needs your attention.

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