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Handmade Vintage Tie



We all have more than one tie in our wardrobe. Good. But how do we keep them? Rolled up? Folded in four, or in two? What’s the right recipe.

Let me tell you about my little experience. I arrive home; I slip the tie off by loosening the knot and removing it from my head with the knot still in place. Once removed from the neck I loosen the necktie.

Then I hang the tie on the hanger of my jacket or suit. I leave it there a whole night to get it back in shape and the next day I put it back in the drawer.

But how do I store it?

Simple. I take the transparent bag and put it back inside, so the tie will be folded only in two, with a length of 75 cm on each side. Then I take it and put it in the drawer with the others well stretched out.

Why do I still use the transparent plastic bag?

Because I find that way the ties don’t friction on each other and the tips don’t bend. And they’re easy to slide on when you don’t know what tie to put on or maybe you’re looking for the one at the bottom of the drawer that you haven’t used in a long time. And in this case, when you slip the last one out of the bottom, if you don’t have the plastic baggies you risk making a mess in the drawer. So instead you take the one you need while maintaining a perfect order in the drawer, without various tipping. Of course, maybe at the sight, all that plastic is not so great but in the long run you will always have ties like new.

Because there’s no uglier thing than letting your ties wrinkle out of attention. And folded only in two silk and interlining will always remain perfect; never showing bubbles or creases at the time of reuse.

Folding them in four or rolling them up I have seen that over time you may find aesthetic imperfections during reuse; when you roll them up you risk that the tie then presents small waves or bubbles on the front; same thing when they are folded in four on each other. Also in that case there could be some creases then slightly visible when you reuse them.

Another good method would be to leave them hanging.

In conclusion, the important thing is that the ties do not stay too long in the wardrobe.

Wear them always and forever!

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