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Handmade Vintage Tie


The world of ties is divided into two: the lined tie and the unlined hand-hemmed tie, which is what we make, but always with the interlining so that the knot is well supported.

What is the difference between a lined tie and an unlined tie? The former is always made by machine, the latter only by hand.

One only has to look at this image to see that right away.



The lined tie has a back lining, which closes the tie; this lining is sewn entirely by machine, quickly and quickly.
The unlined tie has no lining and the two ends are finished with an entirely handmade hem.

Making 3-fold unlined ties is very time-consuming, taking 30 to 40 minutes to make. Not to mention the antique seven-folds with almost two meters of handmade hem. While sewing the lining of a tie, 3 or 7 folds, lined takes 2 minutes.




This is precisely why we make only handmade unlined ties; the reason? We love to create products using only our hands.

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