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Handmade Vintage Tie

Who are our customers?

Our ties worn by our customers all over the world are even more beautiful. Seeing them knotted is very satisfying; it is as if they come to life in a perfect, often sartorial environment. In fact, if someone else sends us photos of our ties being worn, we are happy to receive them and publish

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How to be elegant according to Gianni in 12 points

  I made several mistakes early on in my journey down the road to elegance. But what are the mistakes I wouldn’t make again? 1) trouser width: I will no longer make them too tight; the pants must be well proportioned with the length of the shoe. 2) trouser length: I won’t make them too

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Harmony. It is on this word that much of men’s classic elegance is founded. Let’s start with the origins. The word harmony comes from the Greek and means union, tune, proportion. So in classical elegance harmony is the ability to combine, to unite several elements without one prevailing in a violent way on the others.

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WHAT COAT AM I WEARING? With or without defects?

The cold weather is coming and the coat becomes the true protagonist of classic elegance. But what defects must never have a coat? Let’s see them together When the coat is laced the jacket must never be seen; if you see it as in the picture we are faced with a coat with a flaw.

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Does my jacket have any defects?

Over the years, and many mistakes, I realized that I wasn’t always wearing perfect jackets. But being often in different tailor’s shops perhaps I have understood and learned something. Certainly these photos speak for themselves. The color photos are of one of my ready-to-wear suits, while the black and white photos are of my bespoke

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  We all have more than one tie in our wardrobe. Good. But how do we keep them? Rolled up? Folded in four, or in two? What’s the right recipe. Let me tell you about my little experience. I arrive home; I slip the tie off by loosening the knot and removing it from my

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History of the blazer

  How old is the blazer? Surely almost 200, because it was 1825 when the students of St. John’s College in Cambridge created the Lady Margaret Boat Club, which had its own “social uniform” represented by a red jacket. But 1837 is also a historic date for the birth of the blazer, I would say

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Telephone at the table? No thanks!

  True, the phone is an extension of the hand. Indeed, it has even become a critical component to the table; In fact, when he prepares trouble if they are along with forks, knives and glasses do not put a beautiful phone. But a gentleman be a slave to his phone also at the table? For

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I have always talked to you about the news, leaving out the difference between the two models of ties that my wife and I produce; today the time has come to explain to you better what the differences are between them. Passaggio Cravatte produces two models of ties, the 3 folds and the ancient seven

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